Why Citizens Deserve Leaders, With A Relevant VISION?

Too many citizens, appear, to take their right to vote, as, both, a responsibility, as well, as, a guaranteed, component, of living in a democracy! Often, voters determine, their choice, based on, either, popularity/ personality, and/ or, empty promises, and rhetoric, rather than, clearly, examining, a candidate’s, true VISION, including, their strategic planning, and ability/ willingness, to conceive and perceive of, create, develop, introduce, and implement, a meaningful, relevant, sustainable, action plan. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is important, and an essential necessity, of effectively leading our nation, in the best possible direction.

  1. Value; values; visionary: Some (unfortunately, far too few), of those we elect, appear to be visionary, enough, to focus on doing what’s best, rather than expedient, easiest, and/ or popular! Visionary leadership requires considering, fully, all viable options, and alternatives, in order to position the group, in a relevant, sustainable manner! We need leaders, with values, which align, with the core, and basics, of America, and respect, for the rights and freedoms, for all, instead of merely, those who agree, and/ or support him! Why do so many, fail to consider, the potential value, and/ or risk, prior to voting?
  2. Integrity; ideology: Why should anyone listen to, and/ or follow, any public official, unless, they believed in an individual’s integrity, and trusted, the individual, to align their ideology, with that of the specific organization?
  3. Service; solutions; stronger; sustainable; system: Examine, who, a potential leader, will focus on, and serve/ service, the most essential needs of the nation, and citizens! Is the emphasis, to make America stronger, and/ or, better? Are they, merely, articulating, empty promises, and rhetoric, or providing, quality, relevant, sustainable ideas, focused on quality, viable solutions, which address, both present needs, goals, priorities, and perceptions, as well as realizing ramifications, and introducing a well – considered, sustainable system?
  4. Imagination; ideas: When Donald Trump, ran for President, he effectively used a campaign slogan, Make America Great Again. However, what many failed to recognize, and/ or, realize, is, the message, what an attempt to reintroduce his concept of Happy Days, rather than proceeding, with the imagination, to introduce viable ideas, instead of, merely, the same – old, same 0 old!
  5. Objectives; options; opportunities: Rather than focusing on someone’s personality and rhetoric, we would be better served and represented, by someone, who openly, honestly, articulated their personal vision, of the objectives, they seek! When all viable options and alternatives, are considered, we are all, better, positioned, to recognize, and prepare for the finest opportunities!
  6. Needs; nerve: For many politicians, they emphasize their personal, comfort zone, and their personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest! They appear to lack the nerve, to go, beyond, their perceptions of, the, same – old, same – old, sense of security, rather than fulfilling the true needs, of constituents!

Wake up, America, and become a smarter voter, by electing individuals, who have the quality VISION, to make, a difference, for the better! Will you become a more responsible voter?

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