Why Should The Catholic Church Survive?

It not only harbours thousands of paedophile priests but its primary goal is power and control and it is the richest organisation on earth because of its lies. It has nothing to do with God! I know this because of my memory of reincarnation and while between lives was with the Spirit and in the spirit. The Vatican banned reincarnation in the 5th Century because it opposes its claims of heaven and hell and they it has the keys to heaven, while it is the evil body on earth.

THERE IS NO HEAVEN OR HELL as these are weapons used by the Church to control people. The invention of these non-existent places started in Babylon where the sun was the Mother God, and her name is Mary – it means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and is the origin of ‘marry’. Men died on crosses and thought they could rise on sunbeams into the sky to be with her as mates. Thus she is called the great whore.

Men dreamed of marrying the sun and fertilising the earth through their semen (see men), which they had to also prove existed. Men who marry multiple wives do this through the number of children they father. They intentionally hide women where possible so that ‘she’ does not get offended and they will still be in favour when they die. It’s the reason women are kept in the background and until recently could not enter churches. They are still only allowed in the rear of a mosque.

It is also why the Catholic Church, which is recycled from those ideas, insists on parent producing large families and why Muslims, whose faith was started by the Vatican. can take numerous wives. It is important for them to show their fertility and the time of the mating is 3 days after crucifixion. That is why the time of Easter is celebrated with eggs and rabbits, and so on, as signs of the earth being fertilised.

Priests marry Mary and nuns are called by that title so that priests can have sex with them. The entire religion, and all of Christianity, which sprang from it, is nothing but a huge lie. People are suffering because of those lies and many end up in psychiatric wards or commit suicide because of them.

The biggest lie is that Jesus Christ existed and gave it the authority to speak for God. The establishment was started by Constantine, who murdered hundreds of thousands and was worse than Hitler. He invented Jesus Christ. Jerome was appointed by the Vatican to write the New Testament and use the Islamic rituals of Babylon as its format. He is the ‘doctor’ of the church.

The devil or Satan is derived from the sun, the light in the sky. The Church moved to dissociate itself from this celestial body and Mary (the sun) is still its God. All Catholics pray consistently to it.

Norma Holt was commissioned to tear down the wall of churches and bring in the harvest. With memory of her reincarnation she knows that reincarnation is fact and that everyone who has lived is back. The full story of the Catholic Church is on this site.

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