Five Ways To Cut Down Your Insurance Spending By A Huge Margin

By | July 23, 2018

Everyone out there would be quite glad to find a way to enjoy affordable insurance rates as long as such a way will NOT negatively affect the level of coverage they get. Let’s discuss a number of sure-fire steps to achieving just that…

1. Are you aware that there are lots of discounts you might be entitled to with your insurer that you are NOT aware of? Information is crucial to going out for what you’re eligible for. Make it a task to ask your home insurance agent to give you a list of all discounts offered by the insurance provider of your choice and how you can qualify for them. That an insurer doesn’t advertise certain discounts doesn’t mean they do not have them.

2. A home without fire escapes is NOT really safe as a home should be. Does yours have them? If you do then make it known to your agent and see what discounts you can get. Even with simple rope ladders for the upper rooms, you still could obtain some discounts. If, on the other hand, you do not have any fire escape or the right number and kind, you’re likely losing discounts you should obtain. In order to guarantee savings, ask your agent what your insurer considers a standard fire escape.

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3. Government home insurance policies might really be more expensive than policies from private insurers. Some areas used to have great difficulty in getting home insurance coverage. Then it was just the government’s policy that was available to them. But this has changed in some areas as some private insurance companies have braved it and devised a means of giving insurance to such places.

Some may still have little or no other means of getting home insurance coverage apart from a government homeowner’s insurance. However, this isn’t generally true as you may obtain better coverage at a lower price from some private insurance companies.

4. Do not insure your house along with the land it is built on as this is more expensive but needless. A good number of people spend much more than they should on home insurance on account of this mistake. Insuring your home for the purchased price without deducting the land’s worth is a big mistake.

If you made this mistake quickly call your agent and review your coverage. Subtract the value of your land and buy coverage only for your structures and its contents.

With such a review you will lower your premiums by a huge margin and still leave with sufficient home insurance coverage. Bearing in mind that insurance is for things that can be lost or damaged, insuring the land which can neither be lost nor damaged isn’t a smart move.

5. You will save more by visiting a minimum of five home insurance quotes sites. If you do this, you will make it most likely that you’ll get all the lowest quotes possible as five sites will give not less than 25 quotes altogether.

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