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By | August 2, 2017

A local humane department stated a man was arrested after a horrific incident between his dog and a cat he is accused of taking.The Kennett Humane Department announced on their Facebook page that Zachary Burns was arrested July 25.

On that day, Kennett police were called to the 600-block of South Everett for a report alleging that Burns was catching cats in the area and allowing his dog to attack them.Around midnight, KHD reports one woman heard what she thought was a knock at her door, looked out, and saw Burns in her yard.

Burns, according to the woman, grabbed her cat and “walked out onto the road with his dog, holding the cat by the hind legs and tail, and allowing the dog to attack and eat the cat, ripping apart the head and torso while it was it was still alive, finally ripping the cat in half.”The victim said she could not stop Burns. She also said the man “thought it was funny.”

According to KHD, the dog has a history of viciousness and “previously survived being shot by a police officer approximately a year ago when it attempted to attack the officer.” During that incident, Burns was ordered to take the dog out of city limits.Burns was taken to the Dunklin County Justice Center and charged with felony animal abuse and felony harassment.

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Source : http://www.kait8.com/story/36023320/graphic-man-reportedly-captured-cat-to-let-dog-attack-it

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