Amazing egg hatching inside plastic

By | August 27, 2017

Guinea Fowl are adorable little birds that originate from Africa. These newborn chicks are breaking out of their eggs in an incubator. From the first few moments, they are fascinated by anything that moves. The chick in the egg is having trouble hatching. He gets one foot out but seems to be stuck.

Luckily, his brother comes over and starts to peck at his feet. Whether it is a game or an attempt to help him is impossible to know. What is obvious though is that the irritation encourages him to make the final push from his egg out into the world.

He takes a few minutes to get his balance as he rolls clumsily on the floor of the incubator. The other chicks make cheeping sounds and peck at his feathers, removing pieces of shell and membrane. The older chicks seen here have only been out of their eggs for an hour when their brother hatches, but they are dry and mobile, already exploring their surroundings.

Guinea fowl grow to be beautiful, speckled birds about the same size as a farmyard chicken. They are vigilant watch dogs and will sound an alarm if predators approach. They are a welcome addition to farms as they are voracious eaters of pest insects. They are known for their ability to exterminate ticks, a serious problem on any farm.

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