Angels Caught On Camera

By | August 21, 2017

If there is anything more celestial than a depiction of Christ, then take the next step and go for angels. Many tattoo shops seem to have a large section of their books specifically for angel tattoos. I would have to wonder if many of the more religious sects of the United States might have a huge problem with this! I actually had a very religious woman tell me that my body was “the temple of the Lord, and I should not desecrate and draw graffiti upon the church of the Lord.” What do you say to that other than, “Uhh . . . “

Well, if there is ever one statement that I realize is true, then it would be, “The biggest different between people with tattoos, and people without – people with tattoos do not care if you have one or not.” First, I am a woman, with tattoos of fairies, so angels are not too much different in my book. For my next tattoo, I have a plan to create a cherub sitting cross-legged upon a blossomed sunflower. However, the big personalization of this tattoo happens when the face of the cherub is the face of my son!

To me, that depicts my son to a tee. He is usually caught sitting cross-legged (Indian style), leaning back on the palms of his hands; his arms straight and taking the weight of his leaned back body. The sunflower idea “blossomed” (bad pun) because my son has an affinity towards anything yellow – ducks; lemons; you name it! There seems to be just as many men interested in tattoos of angels.

Usually the angelic women are separated into one of two categories. First, an angel tattoo can depict the faithfulness of the bearer, and can include many prophet-like angels (like the Archangel Michael), as well as Mary Magdalene. The second category tends to run closer to the voluptuous, desirable-yet-angelic-looking women. Most often, that type of tattoos mirror the type of women the tattoo bearer is interested in, or it represents a woman in his life that he wants to (hopefully) remember forever.

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