Attacks Of Leopard At Jaguar

By | August 27, 2017

Cameramen working on BBC Two programme Spy In The Wild can be heard shouting as the vicious big cat pounces on their film truck.Vicious leopard was wound up by taunting wild dogs who chased it up a treeThe leopard focuses its anger at the film crew.

They were in Botswana trying to track down wild dogs which feature in next week’s episode.After driving right into the pack, their guide bizarrely told them to pass him his hat.But his instincts proved lifesaving, because they quickly realised that a deadly leopard was in their midst.

Wild dogs were deliberately taunting the leopard, making it angryNarrator David Tennant says: “The dogs are deliberately winding up the leopard.”They are far too nimble to be caught, and the angry leopard takes refuge in the tree.”But he then shifted his anger towards the stranded crew.

Suddenly it jumped from the tree and charged towards them.Throwing his hat at the leopard gave the crew precious moments to clamber back into the front of the truck and drive off unharmed.The final episode of the series will be on at 9pm on Thursday 9 February on BBC Two.

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