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Tips You Can Use to Get Your Lover Back

To get your lover back isn’t really as easy or as difficult as one may at first think. Understand, the person who has lost their lover is usually in a very distressed state of emotions and logical thinking is often diminished or completely absent in many cases. It is not unusual for serious circumstances or… Read More »

Do You Desire A Lover Or A Husband?

What is the difference between a lover and a boyfriend? You know a lot of women email me all the time asking me what the “rules” are in the context of having a lover versus a boyfriend. They ask me things like this: “David, I don’t understand what I’m allowed to share with a man.… Read More »

How to Get My Ex Lover Back

Have you recently experienced a breakup? Are you considering how to get your ex lover back? Just about every man and women has suffered from some sought of breakup and the vast majority work through just moving on instead of looking for ways to reconcile with their ex lover. So if you are through with… Read More »

How to Keep the Children at a Wedding Happy

Many people believe that having children at a wedding adds to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. If the bride and groom have a lot of young relations, they may well have lots of little ones running around at their wedding. The trick is to encourage the children to enjoy your wedding, while keeping them… Read More »

What’s Your RC Plane Personality?

Flying RC Planes and helicopters is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone, and there are millions of people who already enjoy the freedom flying an RC plane offers. Maybe you are one of these who already has the passion? Maybe you are someone looking to learn more about it and want to get… Read More »