Most Biggest Animal In World

By | August 11, 2017

The magnificent leatherback turtle has my vote as the most amazing animal on earth.Like the other remaining species of marine turtle, it left its four-footed land predecessors more than one hundred ten million years ago, developed flippers, and populated the Seven Seas—before there were Seven Seas. Literally before the Seven Seas.

Mother Earth was a very different place way back then.Although humans look around at the world and think that the rivers, canyons, and mountains we see today have always been there, nothing could be farther from the truth. For example, today’s mighty Himalayas, with their tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, were not very mighty at all when turtles first entered the oceans.

The reason? They did not even exist that long ago. Indeed, it would be another 65,000,000 years before the force of the collision between the subcontinent of India and Asia pushed them to the heavens.Not only were there not Seven Seas yet, there were only two supercontinents. The southern supercontinent is called “Gondwana” which contained today’s Africa, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Arabia, and India, and more.

Antarctica was connected to Australia when the first leatherbacks took to the sea and would not uncouple from it for about thirty million more generations of these sea animals.South America remained close to West Antarctica, which was temperate in climate. Another 80,000,000 years would go by before Antarctica wou

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