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By | August 27, 2017

I did not associate cow’s milk consumption with constipation until this week. My daughter started complaining of stomach cramps and this went on for four days. She would crumple up in agony. It was very strange because there was no vomiting or diarrhea and she hadn’t eaten anything unusual or that she was allergic to. Or so I thought.

I drink milk myself, and it tends to have a laxative effect on me. It was only after a trip to the local GP and another to the hospital that I learned the cause of her trouble might be cow’s milk. Apparently, cow’s milk may cause constipation in young children.

The connection never occurred to me because I thought milk would have a laxative effect rather than the reverse. After all, this is what happens with me. I thought if my daughter was at all intolerant to milk, it should manifest as diarrhea instead of constipation.

I researched the subject and came across an interesting study done at a university in Italy in 1998. It involved 65 children with chronic constipation who had been prescribed laxatives after dietary changes had failed to cure the constipation. Each child received either cow’s milk or soy milk for two weeks, had a rest week,

then for the next two weeks had the other milk that they didn’t get the first time. When the results were analyzed, it was discovered that while they were on soy milk, 68% of the children were no longer constipated. In contrast, their conditions remained the same when they were on cow’s milk.

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