Boy Ask A Girl For Date

By | August 28, 2017

We often associate autism with males. And while it’s true that more boys than girls are on the spectrum, parents, teachers and doctors have a harder time recognizing this condition in girls. That’s because autism symptoms can be different for girls — and because of stereotypes about autism, and about gender.

It starts on the playground. A boy with autism may play by himself and favour games with structured rules. Girls on the autism spectrum are more likely to be near other children and talking — but you’d have to be looking carefully to notice their social struggle.

Girls with autism can certainly have friends, but they may have trouble maintaining these relationships and are vulnerable to bullying, especially as teens.Autism is marked by intense and narrow interests. For boys, this might mean an obsession with trains, dinosaurs or rock collecting.

With girls, the single-minded focus might be more about people and animals, literature, fashion or comics. They may have a rich fantasy world that you know little about. All of these things make it harder to notice the signs of autism in girls.

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