Brutal Husband Buried Wife

By | August 27, 2017

The survivors have arrived in capital of the province filled with pain, sorrow at the loss of their relatives. The residents were taken and held hostage by the insurgents for four days.Adela, a woman who was taken hostage said that: “My husband was buried alive and he could not escape because he wanted to protect my children.”

TOLOnews reporter, Sharif Amiry who is currently in Sar-e-Pul has interviewed Adela and said that “she has four children. She was very shocked by the incident.”The released hostages arrived in the capital of the province in small trucks, crying and hugging their relatives. Most of women and children were with them.

One of the men cried and said he “buried 15 bodies in one grave… The government should prepare coffins for us. They failed to protect us. What kind of a government is this?”“They (insurgents) took my son from in front of my wife and killed him.

Now his body is missing and this because of these incompetent (government officials). My son was going to be married next month,” Sayed Ismael, another resident of the valley said.The residents criticized the government for not launching a military operation in the valley in the past five days. As a result, “a number of residents are still held captive.”

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