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Using hair products

Refrain from using hair products on a regular basis.Small lifestyle changes will help you to keep your hair healthy and to combat hair loss. Include more high-protein food such as lean meat, fish and soy in your diet. Your hair strand is mostly composed of protein. which means if your hair is not getting enough… Read More »

Spoke & Weal founder

Spoke & Weal founder and pro hairstylist Jon Reyman recommends salt sprays for finer hair textures. Simply spritz into wet hair and let it air dry. “Just be sure to avoid ones infused with heavy oils, as they can make fine hair fall flat,” he says. This spray will give you that piecey, undone look… Read More »

Mix this powder with water

With 10% vitamin C, this is the highest concentration of any product from the brand. One vial gives you seven days of serum (to be mixed with your regular moisturiser), so it never loses its glow-giving potency.Focusing on firming and smoothing, this dual formula mixes powdered stem cells with a peptide-rich serum, the pair combining… Read More »

Pick a cream with no scents

Pick a cream with no scents or perfumes and one that goes on light and smooth; a thick cream can cause puffy eyes.”Natural ingredients like curcumin and Vitamin K stabilise the fine blood capillaries under the eyes and should be a part of your cream. A cream with arnica extracts works really well to lighten… Read More »