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AIG and Mercury Car Insurance – A Quick Review

In many US states, it’s mandatory to get auto insurance. And just in case you need any further motivation to get one, then do consider the following statistics: on the average, someone gets hurt in a car mishap every 11 seconds, an automobile crash happens every five seconds, and a life-threatening injury takes place every… Read More »

Get the Cheapest Car Insurance With a Local Agent

Many people mistakenly believe that buying insurance through an agent is more expensive than purchasing directly from an insurer and this can be a costly mistake. Insurance agents are well aware of the financial pressures facing many of us and have become very good at getting the best prices for their customers. For a variety… Read More »

Getting Rental Car Insurance – Some Useful Advice

Something a lot of people don’t think about when renting a car is the car insurance they will need to get. Many people choose the wrong rental insurance for what they actually require. Others choose more than what they need, or just do not get not enough coverage. Rental car insurance should be thought about… Read More »

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage in Personal Injury Accidents

Many times after an accident that causes personal injury, people have no way to pay their medical bills because they are unable to go to work and they do not have the necessary savings. Many people have certain insurance coverage afforded to them based on the policy of the automobile that they were driving in… Read More »

Health Insurance Contracts – Contract Basics

Insurance contracts are binding and legal contracts in which there is a legal agreement made between two or more eligible parties where specific coverage will happen in exchange for the cost of the health insurance premium. The two parties involved in health insurance contracts are the applicant seeking the insurance coverage and the health insurance… Read More »

Insurance SEO – Local, Regional And National Insurance SEO Defined

What’s the difference between Local Insurance SEO and National Insurance SEO? For that matter, what do SEO specialists mean when they discuss the difference between Regional SEO and National SEO? And how do these three important categories affect the Search Engine Results Pages for leading search engines like Google and Bing? Let’s start with the… Read More »

Insuring Your Non-Profit Organization

Your mission is clear and important. Volunteers are ready to help and donors are lined up to contribute. The next step is execution, including insurance for your non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations serve a very wide range and will have very different insurance requirements. However, they also share common challenges. Often, non-profit organization will evolve causing… Read More »

Why Do You Need Life Insurance? An FAQ Among Americans

Not everyone needs life insurance, it’s true. If you have no family or dependents then right now you do not need it. Once you have bought a house, got married and start a family you will definitely need insurance – well, to be accurate you don’t need it, your family does. By having adequate insurance,… Read More »