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Girls and Their Chauvinism

GIRLS: The very thought or sound of this word makes a man come to life and get his adrenaline pumping. The very glimpse of a good-looking girl (wanted to use another word but since its a public forum, I m not using it ) can make a man’s heart beat heavily. But friends these girls… Read More »

The Acai Berry – How it Changed a Young Girl’s Life

When I first got to state school I was teased remorselessly by the older girls. I was fat, pimply and pale; I felt like the most hideous creature in the world, it was horrendous. I was so insecure that I would get to classes early so that I would not have to enter the room… Read More »

How to Know If a Girl Loves You

How to know if a girl loves you? It’s actually quite easy. You just have to know what the signs are. Women who are in love behave in a certain way. Once you know the right things to look for, you’ll be amazed that you never noticed them before. In fact, you might look back… Read More »

How About Saba Tourism?

Have you got Saba tourism? Not yet? What a pity! I have. What is Saba? It is a world of the most wonderful things. Why don’t we take a word Saba tourism right now? Do you know what we should see in Saba first as soon as we arriving Saba? Let’s go to the sea… Read More »

How to Make My Husband Love Me Again

I often write about strengthening your marriage, returning a marriage to an intimate place, and preventing divorce. Recently, I received an email from a woman who asked me if I would share with her “how to make my husband love me again.” Well, this is somewhat of a loaded question, but I after chatting with… Read More »

Horses Equal Fun, and More Fun

Up to this point I have been discussing the very serious aspects of buying and owning a horse. I would like to take a moment to go to the flip side, which is the best part. Horses are not only fun, but are funny too as they really do have a sense of humor. Spending… Read More »

How Love Poems Can Help You Attract a Lover

For as long as there have been lovers, there have been love poems. Regardless of what anyone will say, even men, everyone enjoys poetry, especially when they’re love poems. Learning how they poems can help you attract a lover can be the first step towards making your dream lover become your reality lover. If you’re… Read More »

How to Get My Ex Lover Back

Have you recently experienced a breakup? Are you considering how to get your ex lover back? Just about every man and women has suffered from some sought of breakup and the vast majority work through just moving on instead of looking for ways to reconcile with their ex lover. So if you are through with… Read More »

What’s Your RC Plane Personality?

Flying RC Planes and helicopters is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone, and there are millions of people who already enjoy the freedom flying an RC plane offers. Maybe you are one of these who already has the passion? Maybe you are someone looking to learn more about it and want to get… Read More »