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Three Notes on Insurance

Note 1. Cover or protection first, investment next. In the present period of economic difficulties, medium and low income families should have priority in covering both the short-term insurance of pure consumption and the long-term savings insurance of pure protection, namely, first cover such non-investment insurances as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Pension Plan and Education… Read More »

Advantages of Military Insurance Policies

There are insurance policies that cover just about everything, from home and car insurance to life insurance and even pet insurance. While everyone who drives a car is obligated to have motor insurance, most other insurance policies are optional. Those serving within HM forces and preparing to deploy to other countries may want to look… Read More »

Noor looses her balance

After Veena Malik and Janan Malik, actress Noor Bukhari is the latest celebrity to join the divorced celebrities club.She confirmed the news of her divorce with Wali Khan on her Twitter account.Noor tweeted, “Yes i am divorced again, i know what people will think about me but i tried alot, now things doesn’t work so… Read More »

Inspiring or the opposite

Inspiring, or the opposite? While it’s nice to be able to share your achievements of course, it can get overwhelming to see constant updates about the #goals everyone else is smashing, and possibly even have a knock-on effect your own mental wellbeing. We spoke to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, professor of psychology at the University of… Read More »

Sharif’s supporters though

Sharif’s supporters, though dismayed by the ruling, suggested that Pakistan’s powerful military — which had once before overthrown Sharif in a bloodless coup — were crowing at the court’s decision because they have viewed the prime minister as an upstart who sought to challenge the army’s authority. The military, which has ruled for more than… Read More »