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By | August 17, 2017

The protection and veneration of cows by Hinduism is an abundantly established fact in India and everywhere in the world where Hindus live. The causative force most easily comprehended by people all over the world lies in the cow’s nature of selfless beneficence and non-violence.

The reverence of this useful domestic beast by Hindus is not confined to its preservation for merely its products. Instead, it extends to various practices found peculiar by non-Hindus, including abstinence from its killing for dietary or production purposes, and its worship as a universal mother and as Kamdhenu, a divine cow believed to grant all wishes.

Although the most widely assumed reason for the traditional uplift of this animal is the natural and indigenous respect among Hindus for all life on Earth and their religiously invoked vegetarianism, this is not entirely true. An ancient Hindu scripture concerning the “Laws of Man” states in a clear manner,

“There is nothing sinful in eating meat but abstention is profusely rewarding,” and yet, the Rigveda has shown and pointed cows as “un-slayable”. Moreover, even while oxen, bulls and horses were sacrificed to God, and their meat eaten, the slaughter of cows was strictly prohibited. Even as of today, a majority of non-vegetarian Hindus abstains from consuming beef, or any products of cow-slaughter in general.

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