Cow Walking Without Head

By | August 27, 2017

A 15-year-old and his heifer were nestled close to each other and sound asleep in an adorable photo taken at the Iowa State Fair.Mitchell Miner and his cow, Audri, have spent nearly every day together for the past two months allowing them to develop a sweet bond.

His father, Jeremy, snapped the cute photo of his son and Audri sleeping in the stables following an exhausting competition at the fair.Jeremy Miner then posted the photo on Facebook on Sunday and so far, it has garnered more than 21,000 likes and 1600 shares.

‘She likes to lay down quite a bit,’ Miner told the Des Moines Register on Monday. ‘I don’t really understand the bond with my animal either.’She just enjoys my company,’ he added.

Mitchell and Audri prepared nonstop for the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy show during the past two months. He was responsible for clipping, walking and bathing her. On show day, Mitchell and Audri woke up at 3am, their third straight day or getting up before dawn.

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