Crocodile attack baboon

By | August 16, 2017

Crocodiles and Alligators kill hundreds of people every year. While most of these fatal crocodile attacks occur in Africa and Asia it is important to note that these powerful reptiles are also found in parts of Australia and America (especially in the Southern States). Humans are typically not part of a crocodile’s diet, but in truth they will eat just about anything that moves.

They are also very territorial, especially during mating season, and will violently defend themselves even if you mean them no harm. The best option is to give crocodiles and alligators plenty of space and be cautious around water where they may live. In the unlikely event that you are attacked, you may be able to survive if you implement these simple instructions.

1. Stay away from infested waters. This is the simplest way to avoid a crocodile attack. Ask local authorities or residents about the presence of crocodiles in lakes and rivers in your area and don’t go swimming outside the designated swimming areas. These animals actively hunt at night when they are hardest to see, so avoid swimming at dusk or at night.

2. If you have spotted a crocodile it is a good idea to stay at least 10 meters away from them so that you have room to escape. Often crocodiles can produce short bursts of speed and can take you by surprise if you are too close. If you are passing a crocodile you do not want to frighten it by coming up behind it. Slap your oars on the water or make a sound so it knows you are there. Crocodiles will sometimes defend themselves violently when they are startled. They are much faster in water so if you know that the water is infested you probably won’t want to go swimming or even go near the water.

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