Man Buries Daughter Alive

By | August 13, 2017

After our limousine passed through the gates of Arlington Cemetery, I looked to the left and saw two parents visiting their son or daughter. They sat in lawn chairs in front of a grave. It wasn’t the “the missing man” formation of planes that flew over my head, that made me cry. It wasn’t the horse drawn casket that vanished against the silhouette of trees that made me sad. The men with guns, who shot toward the sky in tribute, began to haunt me.

It was the sacrifice, and pain of loss that saddened me. All these men and women around me gave their lives for this country. I was sad for their parents, wives and children. My father was old when he passed away. He lived a long and successful life. Most of the service people buried in Arlington did not have that same opportunity. This is what my father would communicate, if he had been there.

Charles Bernard Kenning, Attorney at Law was buried in Arlington Cemetery with full military honors in February of 2009. He was unbending, unyielding and strong. He would remind us that freedom is always at stake; he would ask that you respect the law.

Lesser lawyers learn to isolate, manipulate and alter truths; however, Charles Kenning believed that in truth there is no compromise. Our Founding Fathers fought against tyranny with truth, values, compassion and the rule law. He believed that these men created the greatest Democracy in history. Our Founding Fathers, were great intellects. Many of them were not only statesmen, but also they were presidents of universities, lawyers and fathers.

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