Ditto for Radford

By | July 31, 2017

“It fires me up every time I come here.”Ditto for Radford, who is basically a local.“That’s what makes it big for me,” Radford said. “I grew up in Dewinton, and it’s kind of on a hill that overlooked pretty much all of Calgary.“I’m 25 minutes from the rodeo grounds from where I grew up, so I always wanted to go to the Stampede and watch, and my grandma was heavily involved in it.

Radford’s father, Max, who is from Australia, has a transport business which works with incoming film crews in the Alberta area.But Max Radford really got into the movie scene through his mother-in-law (Brock’s grandma), Isabelle Miller, a two-time Canadian champion barrel racer and a pioneer of rodeo.

“She was in Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson and wrangled the horses and all the animals,” Brock explained. “So when when my dad came over here (from Australia), he started wrangling on movies and rode horses and eventually switched.”

And, of course, roped Brock into the business.But this week at the Calgary Stampede, he has other goals.“I’ve worked some movies with my Dad, so I’ll do transport and I’ve done stunts before,” Radford said. “But, yeah, that’s not really my main career focus. If I need money in the winter, I’ll go work stunt stuff. But I don’t like thinking about that stuff right now.

“I’m having fun winning money and riding bulls.”After years of watching it from afar — and steadily climbing up the professional ranks — Radford finally qualified for his first Calgary Stampede by finishing top-four in the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association standings in 2016.

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Source : http://calgaryherald.com/sports/rodeo-chucks/local-bull-rider-and-alberta-movie-stuntmans-biggest-stunt-yet-the-calgary-stampede

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