Douglas County Deputies

By | July 16, 2017

Douglas County Deputies say a viral Facebook post from a concerned Lakewood mother accusing three Egyptian men of sex trafficking isn’t true, and the men did nothing criminal.The post was shared on the popular Word of Mouth – Highlands Ranch community Facebook group and quickly went viral.

Fifty thousand people shared the post, and thousands more commented with anger towards the men before it was taken down.It started with a warning to “be on the lookout” and “remain aware of your surroundings.”The post included several photos of the men the young mother claimed were buying kids’ clothes at the Ross in Highlands Ranch and following her and her two children around.

She called it “sex trafficking behavior at its best” and said to “keep your kids close” and “your mom senses up.”The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to the store and walked the woman to her car because she felt uncomfortable.

Deputies said they did contact the three men, but said they did nothing criminal and were actually in town from Egypt on business.”Semi hysterical, not very reasonable, implicitly racist,” that’s how defense attorney Dan Recht described the post.

Even though what the woman wrote isn’t true, Recht said it’s not against the law.”We have a first amendment that protects all kinds of speech, not just accurate speech,” he said.If the woman had threatened the men in the post, Recht said that would have been a different story.

“Those are actionable,” he said. “There is the potential of bringing a lawsuit for invasion of privacy, but even then, these are photos that were taken in a public place so that’s unlikely.”Recht also explained why he doesn’t believe the men have a slander or libel civil case.

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