Fake Peer Baba Viral

By | August 24, 2017

A Muslim Peer is a religious man; a man of god.He is supposed to be a guide who helps the layman to stay firm on the path to God. A Peer is a part of the Sufi tradition of Islam and most Peer’s are greatly respected and revered. The Sufi tradition is strong in India and Pakistan as such they are mostly prevalent in the Indian sub-continent. Many Peer’s are hereditary and the son becomes the peer in place of the father.

Pakistan was carved out of India and has a 98% Muslim population. Because of the prevalence of Sufism in Pakistan, particularly in the provinces of Sind and Punjab, many Peer’s abound. Some of them are however, fakes but the people at large cannot distinguish between them.

In the Punjab province, a Muslim Peer who was fairly young was arrested by the police on a charge of having impregnated nearly 300 women. However, this figure is debatable. In Pakistan the desire for a son is overwhelming and girls are not preferred.

This desire to beget a son by married women led them to this Peer. He promised a son and induced the women to sleep with him. It will surprise western readers that the desire for a son was so strong among these women that they went to the extreme to sleep with the Peer.

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Source : http://us.blastingnews.com/world/2016/08/muslim-peer-impregnates-300-women-in-pakistan-001064407.html

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