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By | August 15, 2017

Hours of fun and partying, then the anticipation as those last seconds’ countdown, and finally – “Happy New Year”, everybody kisses and sings ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as fireworks light up the sky.New Years Eve is a unique occasion and one of the biggest nights out of the year, worldwide! There are various New Year celebrations all over the globe, and here are our top 10 places to head to for the start of 2012.

One of the first places on Earth to celebrate New Year is New Zealand. It’s certainly a far flung destination from the UK but a worthwhile experience for keen travellers. There are plenty of happening events to head to, so whatever party you attend to see in the New Year, you can be pleased knowing you’ve got into 2012 a whole 13 hours ahead of the folks back in the UK. New Zealand will also be enjoying a warm climate so that’s another great reason to head south.

Sydney in Australia will reach 2012 some 2 hours after New Zealand – still 11 hours before the UK. The gorgeous Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge offer visitors to Sydney Harbour the perfect backdrop for the huge fireworks display that lights up the sky, accompanied by music.

One city that loves to celebrate New Year is Tokyo, Japan – 9 hours ahead of the UK. Much of the services in the city shut down for the period but the celebrations last several days and the whole city comes alive. On New Year’s Day it is traditional to visit a shrine or temple, where you’ll find a very festive atmosphere. Be aware though that many tourist attractions and restaurants will be closed.

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