Fourteen of the boys

By | July 15, 2017

Fourteen of the boys on the bus were hurt, including Himaya’s son and the boy who was tossed out and pinned under the bus.The rest of the 37 students on that bus, and all of the students and adults on the bus right behind it, got out and lifted the bus off the boy, Himaya said.

He was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital at nearby Osage Beach, Missouri. The other injured boys were transported by multiple ambulances. Traffic was tied up for miles.Himaya said the boy was not crushed by the bus because he landed in a ditch.“We’re so grateful that the Lord was watching over that bus,” he said.

Himaya, who had arrived at the camp by car 15 minutes before the accident, declined to identify the boy without getting permission from his parents.But the boy stood up on a stage at the camp’s Tuesday morning services, he said.Himaya posted a video on Facebook late Monday in which he said,

”I was told by the nurses that they’re all going to be treated and released, and that cat scans are all clear. It appears that all of them are OK,” he saidHe said the annual weeklong youth camp will go on as planned.“This is a big deal for us. All of our staff come.”Himaya has been pastor of The Church at Battle Creek, and now its several satellite campuses, since 2003. The main campus meets in what was once an outlet mall.

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