Giant Anaconda attacks Cow

By | August 27, 2017

An infuriated cow unleashed revenge on a hungry anaconda after rediscovering the predator had killed its calf by squeezing the life out of the young animal.Video shot by a farmhand shows the grieving animal angrily lashing out with its hooves and headbutting the lethal creature as it mourns the loss of its child.

But the five-metre anaconda, which has been lassoed with ropes by three farm workers, who are trying to pull it away from the scene, isn’t easily cowed by the furious animal’s actions.Under attack, the snake fights back, tries to bite the mum then attempts to start the swallowing process by opening its jaws near the dead calf’s body.

Stomping down hard on its slithering adversary, the cow does its best to prevent the deadly beast from getting close but it’s a tough battle and she leaps away in shock as she gets bitten time and again.The three men seen in the video have been heavily criticised on line for their part in apparently aggravating the situation.

The worker who filmed the incident on the northwest border frontier between Paraguay and Brazil, didn’t want to be named because he had received online abuse accusing him of animal cruelty and irresponsibility.

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