Girls and Their Chauvinism

By | January 2, 2019

GIRLS: The very thought or sound of this word makes a man come to life and get his adrenaline pumping. The very glimpse of a good-looking girl (wanted to use another word but since its a public forum, I m not using it ) can make a man’s heart beat heavily.

But friends these girls who appear like angels are like demons and monsters (Girls don’t kill me for this). Below are the qualities and traits of a specie called GIRL

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1. Physical Appearance and 24/7 Makeup: Well this one is a very frustrating one and mostly prevalent among all girls except some non-males in IITs. Well the normal routine of a girl starts from a mirror and ends with a mirror. A girl will never miss an opportunity to see her appearance even in a car mirror or glass window pane.

This isn’t all. The most annoying thing of all is even while talking, how she opens up her hairband, wears it on her wrist and again put it back on her hair. Whats the use? They fail to understand that she still looks the same, The next thing is on top of the charts for girls: MAKEUP. The only thing which concerns a girl is her makeup. Given an opportunity, she can do makeup 24/7 only to find herself looking the same

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