Girls Bunking their School

By | August 17, 2017

How many tents for family camping do you need on the outings? That is a great question that has plagued us in the past. We had to look at a few different factors and base our decision on that. First what is the age of family members, secondly what are the genders, and lastly what type of space constraints will we be facing.

OK, so let’s look at the first point, age of the family. Obviously if your children are super young there is no doubt that you all pile in one big tent. But as your family grows they may want and require more space and privacy. So here are some easy numbers I use. When my kids are under 10 years old I would go with either one big tent or else two tents for family camping: one for the adults and the equipment and the other for the kids.

Even different genders get the ‘kids’ tent. Over 10 years old boys in one, girls in one and mom and dad in their own tent. That brings up the kids’ gender…I made the jump at 10-11 because that is the time the kids start wanting more privacy. But that is for a different article by a different author.

If the kids are under 10 then it is fine to put them together – besides all they are doing is sleeping in the tents anyway, so bunking together for a few hours is fine. Just make sure they have their own personal sleeping bags or bed rolls. And that brings up to the last consideration for how many tents for family camping, and what are your time and space constraints.

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