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By | August 15, 2017

Linking objects — keepsakes that remind us of a deceased loved one — can be a source of comfort. A widow may wear her husband’s watch, for example. A bereaved son may use his father’s golf clubs. These objects make us feel close to the loved one we lost. The other day I came across a linking object, actually a linking message, from my deceased daughter.

I was cleaning out the kitchen desk junk drawer. As I was leafing through a pile of rumpled papers, I found a Christmas card she sent us years ago. It contained the traditional “Merry Christmas” message, but my daughter’s hand written note was extraordinary, and I could tell she was in a hurry when she wrote it.

Her note: “Thank you for everything you have done for us. I am very grateful to have you as parents and friends. I’m certainly glad I had a family to hold me together through yet another growing experience. I just wanted you to know what a big help you’ve been and that your love, concern and efforts have helped us tremendously. John and Haley couldn’t have better grandparents.”

My husband and I remember the card. We received it when our daughter was going through a divorce. Her note meant a lot to us then and means even more to us today. After our twin grandchildren lost their mother in a car crash and their father in another crash, the court appointed us as their guardians and financial conservators.

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