Horses Equal Fun, and More Fun

By | October 4, 2018

Up to this point I have been discussing the very serious aspects of buying and owning a horse. I would like to take a moment to go to the flip side, which is the best part. Horses are not only fun, but are funny too as they really do have a sense of humor. Spending the whole day at the barn, playing around with your horse(s), riding and bathing them, cleaning their stalls, giving them sparkling clean water in their buckets, fresh smelling new bedding and lots of pretty hay for them to enjoy,

could not be a more relaxing time in the life of a true horse person. As far as I am concerned, just the smell of horses does something to the senses that can not be replaced by anything else. A family that mucks together, stays together…a little horse humor.

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If you wish to venture onto the showing aspect of horse ownership, get tied on for a great ride. Schooling your horse everyday and watching them become more muscular, more rounded and more mannerly, an animal that does what you ask on cue and does it willingly as they become more fit, is a blast.

Getting to the barn really early in the morning, bathing and grooming your horse to perfection, loading your shiny clean horse on the trailer and heading to the show where other trailers and show thirsty horsemen congregate, is an experience you will never forget; especially if you come home with a handful of ribbons, hopefully blue ones. There is something satisfying about putting horses in a very clean stall at the end of a very long day, feeding them, watching them chow down and then go to their hay and just relax.

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