How About Saba Tourism?

By | October 6, 2018

Have you got Saba tourism? Not yet? What a pity! I have. What is Saba? It is a world of the most wonderful things. Why don’t we take a word Saba tourism right now?

Do you know what we should see in Saba first as soon as we arriving Saba? Let’s go to the sea first! Saba is a sea and water world. Just in Saba, you can become a real sea underwater explorer. Sea creatures and underwater adventures have made a Saba unique attraction and highlight Samba among the others. It is said that 80 percent of tourists comes just to enjoy the sea life here. You have got no interest in underwater life or sea expeditions? Beautiful hiking trails like the Mount Scenery Stairway are still waiting for being discovered.

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It will take you to the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, up, up and away to a 20 acre cloud forest. Just here we can enjoy real natural life with full mountain palms, huge tree ferns, wild flowers and orchids or witness tall moss-covered trees with exposed roots curling in all directions together with wisps of fog creating a bizarre surreal atmosphere. Don’t worry about being attacked by dangerous animals or insect-borne diseases -such as malaria- on Saba Island because all of Saba and its underwater world is protected as a nature reserve and marine park.

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