How Do I Pick The Right Date To Get Pregnant With A Girl Or Boy Baby?

By | December 22, 2018

I often hear from couples who are trying to figure out the best date on which to attempt to conceive or become pregnant. They often are trying to schedule this well in advance and this process becomes even more challenging when they are trying to choose their baby’s gender because they have a strong preference for either a boy or girl baby.

I recently heard from someone who asked: “on what dates could I conceive a boy baby? I’d like the conceive on our anniversary, but I’m not sure if it’s possible.” I also sometimes hear from people who ask me to predict astrological or numerical dates that are most favorable for a girl (or a boy depending upon your preference.) I will leave that advice to the astrologers, since I prefer methods that have some basis in science.

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I can tell you that in my experience and observation, the date that the calendar displays in not as important as the information that some other tools are displaying in regards to when it is time to conceive a boy and a girl. Unfortunately, sometimes you may have a preferable date in your own mind, but your body is not in its most favorable state to conceive or produce a girl or boy baby.

For example, let’s say that, like the example above, you just finished your menstrual period on the 1st of the month, but you would like to conceive on or around the 10th because it’s your anniversary. Unless you ovulate very early in your cycle (and some women do) then it’s not likely that you would be ready to become pregnant with either gender on the 10th.

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