How to Keep the Children at a Wedding Happy

By | September 1, 2018

Many people believe that having children at a wedding adds to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. If the bride and groom have a lot of young relations, they may well have lots of little ones running around at their wedding. The trick is to encourage the children to enjoy your wedding, while keeping them under enough control that the adults can also enjoy the festivities. These are some practical ideas on how to keep the children at a wedding happy.

If you have a flower girl and a ring bearer in your bridal party, the first thing you should do is to help them understand their roles and make them feel very special. There are some very cute books and coloring books available for junior attendants that show exactly what they will do at the wedding.

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When the kids know what is coming, the chances that they will actually make it through the ceremony increase considerably. Make your little ones feel a part of the event by giving pretty girls jewelry to your flower girls and small gifts to your ring bearers when you hand out the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

Uncomfortable children are fussy children, so another tip is to encourage the parents of the children at your wedding to dress them comfortably. This begins with the flower girl. Make sure that the dress you pick out for her has no itchy lace or scratchy crinolines that will cause her to squirm and pull at her clothes. It is better to pick a simple pretty dress without any irritating embellishments than force your flower girl to wear something that makes her miserable. Add some sweet girls jewelry and a wreath of flowers, and she will look plenty dressy for the ceremony. Let the parents of the other children attending your wedding know that you want them to feel comfortable more than you want them to resemble pictures from a catalog. If the wedding reception is likely to run late into the evening, you can even invite the children to bring their PJ’s and have a little pajama party after dinner.

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