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By | August 13, 2017

he question, “What can we do to save the world?” is on so many minds. And so many visions are blooming. Everywhere we see so much empathy, such heart, such compassion in response to the world’s woes. How great that is, when this world needs all the help it can get!

The fact that many of the visions express grand, high-minded goals is crucially important. Surely, we must think bigger, think higher, to see through and beyond the difficulties that confront us. Certainly, we need great ideas to inspire us: big visions, great visions capture people’s imagination, and energize us to act, to cooperate, to persist, to transcend our limits.

At the same time, for truly good and positive things to happen, genuine realism is required. Just as nature included Vitamin E in wheat germ as a natural preservative to keep it from turning rancid, realism in our dreams is the spiritual preservative that keeps them strong. If our visions are unrealistic in some respect, we will lose people’s faith-and we can’t afford that. Without faith, people lose optimism, and can easily be daunted by the awesome difficulty of the choices and tasks that confront our world.

Also, we need realism because time is short. With problems so pressing, we need to focus on what will really work. Realism helps us decide what will work.Getting truly realistic Although we have plenty of negativity and skepticism in this world, true realism is rare, because of the predominance of ego in our ordinary mindset. See if you recognize these symptoms in yourself and those around you:

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