Humans help King Cobra

By | July 16, 2017

Video footage has caught the moment animal lovers risked their lives to save one of the world’s most deadliest snakes.Workers in Goa, India, spotted a dehydrated king cobra hanging near a pond desperate for water and rushed over to give it water from a cup.

The king cobra’s bite is strong enough to kill an elephant.Onlookers called the Animal Rescue Squad who located the 12-foot-long cobra hiding in a tree. The group’s president Amrut Singh climbed the tree and pushed the animal down to the ground. The snake was reluctant to take water from a bowl so Singh decided to place water in a cup instead.

The snake took the water from Singh’s hand. While other rescuers also used a leaf to funnel the water straight into the snake’s jaws. In the footage, onlookers can be seen gathering round and trying to help the animal take some water.The snake appears not to be bothered by the number of people around it.

Singh said: ‘We got a call at around 10am from a farm at Thane in Sattari that a large black snake was spotted on the caller’s property.’I decided to try and offer the cobra water from a steel glass and much to my surprise the reptile started drinking from it.’After an hour at 12.30pm, a 12 foot-long king cobra was successfully rescued by our ARS team.’

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