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By | July 31, 2017

In case you don’t keep up with the English tabloids, someone has filmed a ghost at Tryon Palace.The ghost’s name is Lisa Cason Green.I hesitate to write about it here, because her family has no idea that she’s dead. Actually, neither does she. I know because she told me so, herself.

Here’s how all this went down According to the London Daily Mail, a pair of young ladies were touring Tryon Palace, the reconstructed copy of the mansion that one Governor William Tryon had build back in 1770 when he established New Bern as the permanent colonial capital of our fair state.

The young ladies were in a large room – so far as I can make out, the council chamber when one of them did a panning video shot with her cell phone. It sweeps around the room, then passes a doorway: in the other room, a figure in colonial dress, out of focus, sweeps past.

The whole thing is about 25 seconds long.According to the Mirror, the ladies believe it is footage of a ghost, a “full torso apparition” sweeping past, possibly floating. Other Great Britain papers are eating this up, according to an article in the Charlotte Observer, which states the story appeared the Daily Mail, the the Metro Co.

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