Miracle of Allah In Stone

By | August 28, 2017

It will begin on August 30. Between two and three million Muslims from around the world are expected to travel to Mecca.The importance of Hajj to MuslimsMecca is the first house of worship known to mankind. It is full of blessings, and symbols from the days of Prophet Ibrahim.

It also has the ever-running Zamzam water which was created through divine miracle.One’s Hajj is guaranteed to be accepted by Allah if it is done with the intention of seeking his pleasure (not to show off), and without committing a sin or fighting with anyone, the pilgrim is pardoned of all preceding sins and granted paradise in the hereafter.

Hajj is one of the greatest deeds in Islam, as it teaches patience, good ethics, and its rituals bring a person closer to his/her creator.One must purify the Niyyah (intention) for Hajj to be sincere for the sake of Allah only, and not for other worldly matters.

One must revise the way Prophet Mohammed performed it, and follow his footsteps.Hajj must be performed with halal (lawfully obtained) money, in order for it to count.A person must be kind and generous with both his wealth and actions. He must avoid annoying or disturbing others, especially under the crowded conditions and tough proceedings of Hajj.

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