Mix this powder with water

By | July 17, 2017

With 10% vitamin C, this is the highest concentration of any product from the brand. One vial gives you seven days of serum (to be mixed with your regular moisturiser), so it never loses its glow-giving potency.Focusing on firming and smoothing, this dual formula mixes powdered stem cells with a peptide-rich serum, the pair combining to boost collagen production.

Mix this powder with water in your palm to create a gently exfoliating cleanser that comes with added nutrient extras by way of rose petals and jasmine.Packed with vitamins and minerals, this powder, which can be mixed with any moisturiser, promotes younger-looking skin.

With vitamins derived from Baobab fruit, this clay-based mask soothes and revitalises at the same time, and can be mixed with water or natural yoghurt.If pigmentation is your primary concern, you’ll love the brightening effects of oxyreservatrol, which is found in this small, but mighty solution.

Delivering an intense burst of hydration via a patented hydrogen-based Energy Complex, this four-week treatment should be used a few times a year when your skin needs it most.

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