Not every home is right

By | August 2, 2017

“Not every home is right for every dog,” Panepinto explained. “We thought Duck would be a good fit for them.”She said the purpose of the foster program is to socialize and discipline the dogs as well as acclimate them to a home life during a designated period of time. The ultimate goal is to make the dogs more adoptable when and if they return to the shelter.

The 4-H dog obedience program required Mikayla King to take Duck to a weekly class June 1 through July 18 at 4-H leader Cheri Stady’s home in Allegany. Following the class, 12 dogs and students from the 4-H program graduated last week from a county-wide dog obedience program at the fairgrounds.

All dogs that graduated from an obedience program are eligible to compete and win awards during the 4-H Dog Show at the fairgrounds’ Youth Building at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.Mikayla King said she also worked with Duck daily by talking him for walks near their rural “hobby farm” home on Five Mile Road.

The teenager said she enjoyed working with Duck and “getting to know him and see how he changed.“He has more house manners and gets along with our animals now,” she explained while remembering how the dog jumped on counters in their home at first.

Jenn Panepinto said Duck, who is a high-energy canine, had wandered the streets in the area before he was picked up and brought to the shelter.“When the staff would bring him out of the back (of the shelter) … he would be up on his hind legs and dragged them to the front,” Panepinto recalled. “People would look at him and think he was crazy” and didn’t want him.

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