Palestinian women in Israeli

By | August 24, 2017

Jerusalem prosecutors filed indictments Monday against an East Jerusalem woman accused of injuring two people in a terror attack in the capital that they allege she carried out in the hope of “dying as a martyr.”Fadwa Hamada, 29, was indicted at the Jerusalem District Court on two counts of committing a terror act, attempted murder, and being in possession of a knife.

Prosecutors say Hamada, from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Baher, decided to kill Israeli citizens in a terror attack during which she would die as a “martyr.”In the wake of the stabbing earlier this month, Hebrew and Arabic media reported Hamada is a mother of five children.

According to the indictments, on August 12 Hamada told her husband she wasn’t feeling well and took a cab to the area of the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem, bringing a 12 centimeters (5 inch) knife with her in order to carry out the attack.

After exiting the vehicle she saw an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man walking back from prayers at the Western Wall. Hamada rushed at the man and tried to stab him.“The accused, with the intention of carrying out her murder plan, pulled the knife out of her bag, approached the plaintiff, and attacked him…with the aim of killing him,” the indictment said.

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