Pets Save Owners Lives!

By | July 16, 2017

Many loyal pets have protected their owners against attacks from other people, too. A pit bull puppy made headlines for stopping an attempted rape by biting a man who was attacking his owner’s girlfriend. Maya Fairweather, an 18-year-old who was taking her boyfriend’s puppy out for a walk, was pinned down by the attacker.

The dog, named Apollo, was off his leash in the park. But he noticed what was going on and bit the attacker in the leg, enabling Fairweather to run away.

A kitten named Fidge alerted her owner to her cancer by repeatedly jumping on her breast. Wendy Humphreys of Wiltshire, England, said the cat kept jumping at her right breast. And the behavior prompted Humphreys to see her doctor, who found a pea-sized cancerous tumor.

And Fidge isn’t the only animal who’s warned a woman about a developing tumor. A rescue dog named Ted alerted his owner to an aggressive tumor in her breast. Owner Josie Conlon said the collie began to cry, nuzzle, and paw at her chest even though he was rarely affectionate with Conlon.

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