Pick a cream with no scents

By | July 17, 2017

Pick a cream with no scents or perfumes and one that goes on light and smooth; a thick cream can cause puffy eyes.”Natural ingredients like curcumin and Vitamin K stabilise the fine blood capillaries under the eyes and should be a part of your cream. A cream with arnica extracts works really well to lighten dark circles.You could require medical attention

“Dark circles aren’t always caused by pigmentation due to melanin in the skin, they could also be pigment from the blood that is leaked around your eye when you rub them.” Puffy eyes can also cast a shadow which makes dark circles under your eyes look even darker. If you have puffy or very deep-set eyes, then you might need more treatment like skin lightening, fillers to lighten the area or hormonal or lifestyle adjustments.

You also need to check your iron level as that’s the most important for under eye dark circles.Application is key What important when it comes to an area as delicate as your eyes is how you apply your skincare on it. “Strokes should be very gentle with just the ball of your fingers. Start from above the eye to below the eye. Make it an outward circular motion from the root of your nose to the outer side of the eyes and vice versa when you come below the eye.”

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