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By | July 16, 2017

Political commentary and analysis is my thing. However, I have been utterly shamed and disgraced to see the “third-gender” citizens living a miserable life in our society today and could not resist but raise the issue which has both social and political contours. This especially comes after I watched a video lately, brought to my notice by a learned professor from LUMS. The video got my head rolling.

I realize it is too ‘western’ and ‘first world’ an issue to talk about the rights of the “third-gender” citizens in Pakistan, let alone demanding equality of their rights. You cannot be sure to raise the issue without getting fingers pointing in your direction.

For a serious consideration, the topic is restricted only to the drawing rooms of the Pakistani liberal intelligentsia, while the conservative Islamic scholarship comes down too hard on the rights of the community. Simply put, it is a social taboo to raise any voice for the rights of the fellow citizens, as if they have always been meant to live their lives in utter disgrace, discrimination and exploitation for the ‘sins’ they never committed.

More than 500,000 third-gender citizens are estimated to be surviving in Pakistan today. They are spread across the country and can never mount any pressure on the government in an organized manner for their rights. Majority of them have been suffering in their lives – both personally and professionally. They are subjected to public ridicule and mocking. They have been reduced to mere ‘wedding dancers’. And as if it is not heart-wrenching enough already, they have to succumb to prostitution for economic and other reasons.

Source : http://nation.com.pk/blogs/02-Jan-2016/lgbt-rights-in-pakistan-an-open-letter-to-imran-khan

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