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By | August 21, 2017

The poor and needy members of the society need you. You also need them. It is difficult to crack this for now.But, please, reflect, pray or meditate on these words and either accept or reject them.Your religious leaders insist you must give to the poor, the less privileged and the needy. This is humanitarian. It is Godly.

In theory, it is noble. But, how many of us actually give to those who have less?Truth is that no man or woman is totally unselfish. Meaning, we have reasons we give to others.But, if you are wealthy, famous, powerful, well connected and in abundant, given to people down the line becomes easy and effortless.But, the reality is some of us may be wealthy and still be greedy and selfish. Here we attach conditions to given.

This is where the problem lies because whatever position or status we find ourselves, we should use it to serve others.If you are struggling to survive, it is painful to give the little you have to the man, woman or child lower the ladder of life.Given is not all about money. You can give of your love, passion, attention, advice, knowledge, experience, etc, to people who may nor pay you back or tell you thank you.

The beggars, the elderly, the rejected, the frustrated and those in dare needs are some of these people. They may not have the immediate capacity to pay you back.However, timeless rewards come from giving that which you cherish the most, even with pains.This is the type of given God, the cosmic or the visible and invisible masters will reward you the most during the time of your greatest need.

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