Road cra-sh Acc-ident

By | August 21, 2017

Signs of fatigue can seriously impair your driving skills while on the road. When you are fatigued your reactions are much slower, your ability to concentrate on driving is reduced and it takes longer to interpret and understand what is happening with the other traffic.

Fatigue related crashes are often more severe than others because driver’s reaction times are delayed or they have failed to make any maneuvers to avoid a crash. Add fatigue to alcohol or speeding and it is a lethal mix.Driver fatigue is now considered a serious road safety issue,

claiming more than forty deaths and nearly a thousand injuries in road crashes in 2006 alone. Over the period of 2002 to 2006, driver fatigue was identified as being responsible for 256 deaths or twelve percent of fatal crashes, and more than 4,350 injuries.

Recent international research has suggested that driver fatigue is under- represented in accident statistics, and some estimates show that it could be a contributing factor in twenty to twenty four percent of fatal crashes.

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