Roads You Would Never Want to Drive

By | August 11, 2017

Driving a car is skillful activity. When driven with care it takes form of a machine which is a time saver, it helps us bring things from one place to other and take people to places and thousands of other uses, but if not driven carefully it becomes a dangerous weapon which can have significant effect on our lives and other people’s lives. There are some of the acts we must avoid while driving a car such as talking on phone while holding phone in one hand and controlling steering with the other hand;

sending SMS messages while driving with eyes and one hand involved in writing an SMS. We must at all times not take our eyes off the road. In Australia, if you are caught driving while on phone you will be fined and this may also involve your demerit points being taken off your Driving license.

One thing you should Never Do is drive the car while under influence of Alcohol. I am going to tell you the story of a guy “Mr D” who has had an experience of being caught by police while driving under the influence of alcohol. A few years back Mr D was in a party at one of the Night Clubs in Sydney City. He knew he is driving the car to the party but he had made proper arrangements with a friend who had promised that he will not drink and thus both he and his friend would come home safely after the party.

When anyone makes such a decision he/she must be absolutely sure that they would not change such a decision because a popular myth between the people is that 2 beers are fine in the first hour before driving and then 1 beer every hour. But that is not true. The alcohol level depends on number of factors including the size and weight of a particular person, whether you are drinking schooners, middies or wines in a 100ml or 280 ml glass, health of your liver and you are mixing drinks or topping up your drink glass.

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