Scariest Fish Mutants Caught

By | August 18, 2017

Among the various types of freshwater fish, Rosy barbs, Tiger barbs, Sumatra barbs and Red Barbs are easiest to maintain and breed. However, it is advisable to place the larger barbs with fish of similar size. In communal tanks, trouble is stirred up by the larger barbs and they also uproot the fancy plants. They are more attention seeking than the smaller barbs and therefore, they should be separated and grouped.

Ceylon is the origin of the Purple Head Barbs and the Black Ruby. The fish do well in communal tanks and grow to about 2 1/2 inches. The female barbs are yellow-gray with dark stripes running in blotches and vertical lines. They lend colorful environments to the aquarium.

The male barbs are brownish-black in color and/or black with vermilion red frontals. This fish lives well in communal waters, unlike the boisterous Puntius Conchonius groups. This fish feasts on all foodstuffs and is not finicky. It is also not demanding when it comes to water conditions and will survive even in moderately hard neutral waters. This is an easier fish to breed like the Puntius. The barb spawns like other barbs and lays about 300 eggs.

The Sumatra and the Tiger Barb belong to the Capoeta Tetrazona species, which originates from Sumatra and Borneo. Their size is about 2 inches when fully grown. This is a colorful fish with reddish-yellow bodies with a wide variety of black stripes. Its attitude is changeable which is the reason for its being the most diverse fish in the market. Some people are of the opinion that this fish bullies other fish, nipping at their fins, while other people feel that they have a calm disposition.

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