Sharif’s supporters though

By | July 31, 2017

Sharif’s supporters, though dismayed by the ruling, suggested that Pakistan’s powerful military — which had once before overthrown Sharif in a bloodless coup — were crowing at the court’s decision because they have viewed the prime minister as an upstart who sought to challenge the army’s authority.

The military, which has ruled for more than half of Pakistan’s 70-year-long history, is considered the country’s most powerful institution, a position it has been unwilling to see challenged.Sharif’s political opponents, many of whom have questionable corruption records themselves.

welcomed the court decision as a vindication of their months-long battle and proof that even the politically powerful can be held accountable.Opposition supporters danced in the streets and opposition leader Imran Khan called on followers to head to Islamabad on Sunday for a major celebration in their legal battle against the “corrupt ruling elite.”

Khan congratulated the judiciary on dismissing Sharif and described the disqualification as a “good omen” for Pakistan. He told reporters at a news conference that he hopes all those who looted the nation’s wealth would face a similar fate.

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