Skeletons of vehicles past

By | July 17, 2017

Littered with the skeletons of vehicles past, the road winds its way through dusty desert valleys and starkly isolated scenery with no one to help for miles.The danger of this road is that with no surrounding civilisation, speeds easily rise and safety goes right out of the window.

Snaking its way down the west coast of the Americas, the Pan American Highway stretches from Alaska and downwards through the USA until it reaches the very tip of South America.Taking in ten countries along its route of 30,000 miles, the state of the road varies considerably.

Contending with everything from landslides to high temperatures, rogue livestock to flooding, it’s no surprise that the world’s longest road is also one of its trickiest.Another one of the world’s longest stretches of road, the condition of the Trans-Siberian Highway varies greatly depending on whereabouts you join

it – some parts are in a well-paved, driveable condition while other areas are not much more than dirt tracks.With severe winters and heavy rain adding to proceedings, it’s no wonder that Russia is rated as having one of the highest numbers of annual road deaths in the world.

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