Snake Attack On Truck

By | August 13, 2017

The following is a fictional account of what could occur with zero notice any day, any time and could affect you and your loved ones in ways never imagined. Keep in mind you will not feel an EMP when it hits as it’s utterly harmless to people and animals but ruins all electrical circuits permanently. The implications are mind numbing!

It was a beautiful sunny early Saturday morning in June. John woke up about 7AM to the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee, thanks to his wife Rita, who got up a few minutes earlier. After a nice hot shower, John joined his wife downstairs. Over coffee they discussed the day that lay ahead. John needed to make a run to Lowe’s hardware store. He explained that although Ace hardware store is only about 2 miles away, Lowe’s, even though about 15 miles away, had the part he needed. Rita planned to connect a little later with their middle daughter Lauren and go antique shopping in a nearby town.

By 9AM John was ready to head out. He kissed Rita good-bye and said he would see her later that afternoon when she returned. As he drove the roughly 15 miles to Lowe’s, John marveled at the beauty of the day and the majestic mountains to the west and to the east.As he pulled into Lowe’s around 9:25AM there were still lots of empty parking spaces which allowed him to park a little closer to the front door. After he entered the store, John took a few minutes to look around before he tracked down the exact part he was looking for.

Ready to make his purchase, John walked to registers up front. Since he’d grown comfortable with the self serve check out option he opted for that. Just as he grabbed his debit card the store had an apparent power failure. A bit odd but not a huge deal… or so he thought. He found it a bit strange that no emergency back-up generators were kicking on. Weird. None of the check out terminals worked.

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